Program Management and
Governance Services

Directing, measuring, and achieving program goals and objectives.

Programs in large organizations inevitably grow in size, complexity and integration, while senior executives are expected to accomplish more with less. M Powered Strategies (MPS) brings clarity to complexity by first helping executives and program managers focus on the purpose and strategic direction of their programs. We then align the program design and operations with that purpose, and monitor the outcomes to validate program success. In short, we help you clarify the WHAT (program governance) to make sure the HOW (program management) accomplishes your mission objectives.

Services Provided

  • Program Management & Evaluation – MPS provides program management and program evaluation tools to help you plan your programs and stay on course to deliver.
  • Governance Design & Execution – Benefit from MPS’ knowledge of industry standard governance frameworks tailored to your organization’s goals and objectives to ensure successful program execution.
  • Project Management & Consulting – MPS assigns high-performing certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) to manage program portfolios or to serve as advisors to your leadership teams.
  • Budget Analysis & Formulation – MPS uses budget analysis and formulation tools, incorporating CPIC and PPBE best practices, to help you stay within budget this year and for years to come.
  • Root Cause Analysis & Management Studies – MPS helps you achieve organizational effectiveness by uncovering opportunities using root cause analysis and management studies, and devising action plans to implement timely and strategic improvements.
  • Business Planning & Analysis – MPS clarifies the value of your programs and justifies their investment by helping you evaluate viable alternatives, optimize operations, and make sound business decisions to maximize value for your beneficiaries.
  • Requirements Analysis – MPS gathers, presents, and verifies the requirements of your programs and associated projects to facilitate work breakdown structure development and expedite delivery of program benefits.
  • Strategic & Stakeholder Communications – MPS helps you define and design the right strategy and the right message that is in line your goals, engages your audience, and ensures that your audience is engaged and on the same page.

Past Performance

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): Increased the validity of resource requirements for the multi-year planning process by providing planning, programming, budgeting and implementation support to the Veterans Relationship Management (VRM) program.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA):  Improved IT portfolio prioritization by designing, developing and implementing the Office of Information and Technology’s (OIT) multi-year programming and budgeting governance process for managing the Federal Government’s first and only agency-wide civilian IT appropriation.

The M Powered Strategies Advantage

  • Certified and experienced program management and governance professionals
  • A leadership approach focused on our clients’ strategic goals, management priorities, stakeholder integration and organizational buy-in
  • Full life-cycle governance methodologies, from strategic planning to requirements delivery
  • “Reach-back” capability with organizational design, facilitation, and process strategy and improvement