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This podcast series is a collection of brief and informative conversations between MPS President, Kendall Lott, and a wide variety of practitioners and executives. His guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes, and its future.

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Influencers Part 5: Teamwork

June 26, 2017 | Time: 1:00:05  |  Featuring Paul Pelletier; Lisa DiTullio, Your Project Office, Principal; and Rami Kaibni

Project Management is a team sport; projects are rarely implemented by a single individual. But the minute you bring two, three, not to mention fifty or hundreds of team members together, you open yourself up a range of potential group dynamics issues. In fact, the pressures of time and budget, along with the drive to get results, can lead to bullying and other unproductive behavior. It’s up to the project manager to set the tone, define standards, establish lines of communication, and support the individuals as well as the group as a whole. Three experts on Teamwork and how it relates to Project Management – Paul Pelletier, Lisa DiTullio, and Rami Kaibni – discuss how to nurture and manage your team for optimal functionality and quality results.  read more >

Influencers Part 4: Quality

May 26, 2017 | Time: 1:00:34  |  Featuring Jon M. Quigley, Value Transformation LLC, Principal and Founding Member; Mike Frenette, Corvo Project Management, Owner; and Brian Cohn, Danfoss Power Solutions, Process Excellence Manager

Quality is difficult to define, so how can you guarantee that your project will result in a quality outcome? There are tools you can use and steps Project Managers can take to ensure quality results. Clearly define quality expectations up front, and make sure all the stakeholders understand and agree. Pay attention to Voice of Customer. Do lots of testing along the way, with a highly critical eye. Ensuring maximum quality goes hand in hand with minimizing potential risk. Three experts on Quality, Jon M. Quigley, Mike Frenette, and Brian Cohn discuss how you can – and should – incorporate “Quality” into all phases of a project.  read more >

Systems Engineering

April 20, 2017 | Time: 1:00:15  |  Featuring Randall C. Iliff, Eclectic Intellect, LLC, Founder; Ruth Barry, bb7, Director of Electrical & Software Engineering; and Nathaniel Fischer, bb7, Mechanical Engineer

Our PM methods face stress in the face of projects that are related to research and development…where systems engineering is the key discipline is needed. The focus is on the requirements that change, that the project scope is unstable, as there are decisions that will arise after the project is undertaken. The PM’s task becomes a focus on creativity over structure…but what are those trade-offs? We need to follow more conditional branching, tasks that aren’t executed, and tasks that are suddenly forced to be repeated until an exit condition is met. It gets complicated when seen from our standard linear view. Listen in and here three engineers. Randall Iliff, Ruth Barry, and Nathaniel Fischer discuss projects with different definitions of what “done” looks like.  read more >

Influencers Part 3: Construction

March 20, 2017 | Time: 1:00:09  |  Featuring Olfa Hamdi, Advanced Work Packaging Institute, Founder; Sandra MacGillivray, Valency, Managing Director; and John Fish, Ford, Bacon and Davis, LLC, Director Project Support Services

“Projects are the machine that turns the investment into value…I don’t think we are in a shortage of money in the world, but a shortage of good ideas and of people making those ideas a reality.” Just one of the excellent quotes from the experts in project management in construction on this episode. Advanced Work Package, interactive planning, story-boarding, boot-time, and “running around for stuff”—it’s what happens in modern capital projects and for the PMs that manage it. Experts and thought leaders, Sandra MacGillivray, John Fish and Olfa Hamdi take us on an audio tour through the landscape of modern PM construction. They discuss the techniques and tools, from the application of information systems to agile development, that have had money and lifesaving impact.  read more >

Influencers Part 2: Risk

February 17, 2017 | Time: 1:00:04  |  Featuring Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc, President; Beth Spriggs, Leadership for Educational Equity, Vice President of Technology; and Bruce Harpham,, Founder

Risk is an organizational problem that reaches into our ability to make sound business decisions. We should think of stakeholders (and activating them to be positive and helpful), remember to check assumptions, and recognize that risks shift as priorities and the external environment do. Beyond the project-level risks, and past even basic quantification of risk and impact, we need PMs to consider the ultimate business value of their projects – and whether the project should even be done. Yep, even for a project, risk is an organizational concern that has a perspective shaped by the very organizational culture. Listen in to this episode and hear influencers Andy Jordon, Beth Spriggs and Bruce Harpham describe their insights and their approaches to handling risks and consulting with others about it.  read more >

Cultural Resources Management

January 26, 2017 | Time: 1:01:24  |  Featuring Christine Merdon, PE, CCM, Architect of the Capitol, Chief Operating Officer; Colonel Matthew Bogdanos, New York County District Attorney’s Office, Homicide Prosecutor; and Robert Weaver, Lead Historian

Saving Priceless History! From cracks in the US Capitol Dome, to the dirt of Idaho, to the empty shelves of the Iraq Museum, experts protect the artifacts of our society. These artifacts are an important element of maintaining the lessons of who we are, of remembering what came before, and of having an appreciation of what we can accomplish. Encompassing historical archaeology, restoration, and even investigating the theft of priceless artifacts, it turns out these efforts have beginnings and endings, outputs and outcomes, teams, plans, risks, and budgets – they are projects. In this episode, we discuss three very different CRM projects: the restoration of the most iconic building in the United States (the Capitol Dome), the identification of a lost town in Idaho, and the memorable recovery during the Iraq conflict of some of the most important cultural artifacts of antiquity. We see the efforts of these professionals, Christine Merton, Bob Weaver and Colonel Matthew Bogdanos through a PM Point of View, and take some lessons that we can use in all of our projects.  read more >

High Impact Community Leaders

November 30, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:05  |  Featuring Uma Hiremagalur, PMP, PMI Washington DC Chapter, Vice President, Programs

Leaders ask the hard questions, the ones others don’t; and they push to get constructive results. And they do this will elevating others to be at their best, making not just a difference, but a continuous difference, by coalescing people around a vision. This motivates others to do what they didn’t even know they could do.” This is some of what you will hear on this episode that talks to the intersection of PMs and leadership. PMs have the motivation, skills and training to bring people together and so make for a great leadership pool—and the PMIWDC chapter is driven to enable more than better PMs, but rather, leaders. Listen in to the PMIWDC chapter’s journey in defining its values and its approach to engaging members in making “High Impact Community Leaders” real. Including many Board and membership voices, discover 2016 VP of Programs, Uma Hiremagalur, design of Values Workshop and Volunteer Fair to initiate the journey to leadership with hundreds of chapter participants, while engaging chapter board members, executive leadership, volunteers, and local nonprofit organizations.  read more >


October 24, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:08  |  Featuring Paul Pelletier; Chuck Tobin, AT-RISK International, LLC, President; and David C Sears, Xundis Global, LLC, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Security issues are everywhere, and it turns out, it’s a lot of projects and there is a need for both the PM discipline and PMs. From Law Enforcement, to National Security, to the world of private security, issues of scope, schedule, risk and quality abound…and communication can be everything. Listen in to this episode as three experts in Crime Scene Investigation, a Navy Seal, and a corporate security consultant, lead us through the PM related activities of the security sphere.  read more >

Project Management in Outer Space

September 19, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:13  |  Featuring NASA’s Roy Maizel, Dr. Eric Smith, Sandra Smalley, and Jim Watzin

You’ve seen the movies: satellite imagery tracking the perfect storm, a landing on Mars, scientists peering into scary Deep Space. Now hear the professionals on this episode that actually manage, the real activities that puts humankind into this realm, this outer space. With NASA’s Roy Maizel, Dr. Eric Smith, Sandra Smalley, and Jim Watzin you can hear the costs, size, complexity and hoped for outcomes of these very non-fiction programs are, from a Project Management Point of View!  read more >

Advances in PM Part 3: The Organization Leans In

August 22, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:19  |  Featuring Dr. Alan Barnard, Goldratt Research Labs, CEO; Charlie Black, Xundis Global, LLC, Co-Founder and a Managing Partner; and Steve Butler, MBA, PMP, PfMP, Avner International, Founder

Projects exist within the context and value requirements of their organizations. This episode looks at three angles the organization can (should!) take to get the right projects designed for the strategy set by executives and the organization as a whole. From design, to portfolio management, to identifying where the projects may fail the strategy as they generate and collide with organizational constraints, these guests Charles Black, Steve Butler and Dr. Alan Barnard speak to us from the international community of PMs. What we learn? We need more than a focus on how to manage a project, we need to think how our organizations can lean in to get the right projects doing the right things.  read more >

PM in the Federal Government: Navigating Complexity

July 26, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:04  |  Featuring Robbie Hood, NOAA, Lead, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program and Roy A. Maizel, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Deputy Associate Administrator for Management

PM, it’s everywhere, and one of the most interesting places to find it is in the US Federal Government. As one of the largest project-generating bodies in the world (just look at the budget!), the Government faces challenges related to size and budget processes…and yet, the culture of Project Management can mature and flourish throughout. Hear how three distinct organizations use Project Management techniques in various ways to achieve very different outcomes, from a program that is essentially about communication at the National Park Service, to the data collection requirements of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to the deep technical research requirements within scientific missions at NASA.  read more >

Influencers - Part 1: New Perspectives

June 7, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:03  |  Featuring Dana Brownlee, Professionalism Matters, Inc., President; Michael Wood; and Donald Charles Wynes

PMs are often the product of their education—their technical education of how to handle the 10 knowledge areas and perform the activities required to maintain sound processes. Sadly, that’s not enough to show real value in the discipline, but rather a focus on getting the project completed, getting the team to function soundly, and wielding the influence necessary to navigate organizational challenges are some of the key strengths that are needed. Listen in to the beginning of this series on “PM Influencers” to discover new thoughts on increasing your PM effectiveness, told do us by professionals who are influencing PMs around the world through their thought leadership on  read more >

Spies Like Them: PM in Intelligence

May 12, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:23  |  Featuring Dr. Vince Houghton, International Spy Museum, Curator; Michael O'Brochta, ACP, PMP; and Mark Stout, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Advanced Academic Programs, Program Director

US intelligence operations and analysis has a long history with the project management discipline, and the Central Intelligence Agency has purposefully implemented rigorous organizational level project management techniques. Beyond missions and analysis, the agency also develops some interesting R&D projects, as you can imagine. Listen in to this episode and learn how our PM discipline has been manifested in multiple intelligence practices from the past through to the present in this extremely risky, dynamic and sensitive environment, and what this community has learned about PM practices that we could all consider implementing.  read more >

Advances in PM Part II: Beyond the PMBOK®

April 4, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:30  |  Featuring Michael Hannan, Fortezza Consulting, LLC, Principal Consultant & Founder; Tomoichi Sato, ICT Management Office, JGC Corporation in Yokohama, Japan General Manager; and Joseph A. Sopko, Organizational Project Management Improvement Consultant

In Advances in Project Management Part I we looked at how PMs are really investment managers. In this episode we extend the discussion to look at techniques in getting the value achieved. From risk-based analysis of the WBS to determine the effectiveness in enhancing value of each project activity, to the project leadership needed to unleash the power of the team in delivering products, to accepting and demanding that some of the accountability for project value belongs with others beyond the PM, this episode looks at the next level of getting value out of projects…beyond the PMBOK®.  read more >

Military Transition - Joining the Ranks of Project Management

March 3, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:37  |  Featuring Sandy Hoath Cobb, Jay Hicks, Matt Morey, and Andy Walker

From POG to PM (yes, you have to listen to figure that out!), it’s the PM Point of View podcast, looking at how leaders in project management are putting together the ideas, activities, and chapter board support to serve those who have served us. Listen in (and get a free PDU) to leaders from DC to Tampa Bay to Houston talk about their experiences with Project Management while in service, and how that has served them to become civilian PMs. As chapter members, we also get to hear how we can reach out and help the transition and grow our membership.  read more >

Advances in PM Part I: Value

February 3, 2016  |  Time: 1:02:45  |  Featuring Stephen A. Devaux, MSPM, PMP, Analytic Project Management, President; Michael Hannan, PMP, Fortezza Consulting, LLC, Principal Consultant & Founder; Mary Ann W. Lewis, SAVE International, President and Government Liaison; and Robert B. Stewart, CVS-Life, FSAVE, PMP, PMI-RMP, Value Management Strategies, Inc., President / CEO

Heads down on getting things done, project managers often forget (or are left in the dark about) the underlying purpose the projects they are assigned. Even more, they are rarely told of the value of the project. Projects are investments. PMs are investment managers, managing a dynamic scope that changes the value that is produced. And there are ways to evaluate, monitor and manage the changing value. Listen in and let Mary Ann Lewis, Robert Stewart, Stephen Devaux, and Michael Hannan give you the insight, the high value concepts that help PMs be more than task masters, but value managers.  read more >


January 8, 2016  |  Time: 1:00:52  |  Featuring Lindsay Zarwell, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archivist, Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive; Leora Kahn, Founder and President, PROOF: Media for Social Justice; and Bert Rein, Wiley Rein, LLP, Founding Parter

Nazis in Austria, Moral Courage around the world, and the Supreme Court here in the US – all parts of a story on Proof and the project management needed to make it, share it, and bring forward into a context we can use. In this episode of the Project Management Point of View we hear from guests, Lindsay Zarwell, Leora Kahn and Bert Rein, professionals in three very different fields, discuss how they establish and use “proof” through the use of Project Management techniques.  read more >

Project Failure!

November 23, 2015  |  Time: 1:00:06

We asked for examples of project failure and we got an earful from participants of the PMIWDC 2015 PM Symposium. From the realities of Federal Government Health Care and IT systems, to the business environments of regional theatre and Role Playing Games, we had tales of failure and recovery in locales as newsworthy and disparate as New Haven, Afghanistan and Baltimore, on topics from IT, to program management, to event management, curriculum design and organizational change.  read more >


October 26, 2015  |  Time: 1:00:08  |  Featuring Sheila Savar, Savar Institute Founder and Chief InPowerment Officer; John Gilroy, BLT Global Ventures LLC Director of Marketing and Business Development; and Kari Mirabal, The Connection Coach

Listen to our three experts give their recommendations on how to build connections, ways to approach networking and how to use LinkedIn well beyond its “job hunting” capacity. Ultimately, making connections, doing the work of planning for networking (virtual and physical), and maintaining the ongoing interrelationships it generates, is all about enhancing your company’s brand or creating your own personal brand. So, grab a pen and paper, order more business cards, and get ready to shake some hands after you have listened to, “Connections.”  read more >

America Counts: The US Census

October 5, 2015  |  Time: 30:03  |  Featuring Lisa M. Blumerman, U.S. Census Bureau, Associate Director for Decennial Census Programs

Featuring Lisa Blumerman, the U.S. Census Bureau’s Associate Director for the Decennial Census Programs, this episode takes us on a tour of the portfolio of projects that lead up to the US Census, conducted every ten years. Harnessing the power of constantly evolving technology, along with strong PM and portfolio practices, the Census Bureau strives to reduce costs while maintaining the rich value and accuracy of the data it collects. It’s part of the foundation of our democracy, and at its core, it’s a project.  read more >

Hot Topics from the PMI Silver Spring Symposium

September 18, 2015  |  Time: 1:08:20

We present a snapshot of some of the most representative speakers and topics from the Silver Spring Chapter's "Actionable Intelligence: Tools, Techniques and Templates for Project Managers" symposium in June of 2015. With a field of 30 presenters, the symposium lived up to its promise of providing a valuable professional development event, and produced hours of discussion and learning.  read more >

Project Kids

July 27, 2015  |  Time: 53:53  |  Featuring Maria S. Gomez, R.N., M.P.H., Mary's Center President and CEO; Karen McLoughlin, Share our Strength Senior Operations Manager of Culinary Events; and Katrina Hill, KaBOOM! Project Manager

Helping kids be safe, getting them fed, and making great places for them to play, Project Management techniques are being used to improve the lives of children. Listen to the stories of Maria Gomez of Mary’s Center, Karen McLoughlin of No Kid Hungry, and Katrina Hill of KaBOOM! as they tell how their missions are served through organizing work and resources in the Project Management way.  read more >

PM in All the Right Places: The PDU Edition

July 6, 2015  |  Time: 57:05  |  Get a free PDU by listening to the full length podcast.

Here we bundle four previous podcasts that tell a greater narrative about PM tools and techniques in activities you might not have thought of—and you can submit a PDU claim when get to the end. In four segments, this podcast covers PM roles in theatre, wedding planning, winemaking and campaign management. Download, listen, and learn!  read more >

The Campaign Trail: Project Management on the Run

June 8, 2015  |  Time: 17:40  |  Featuring Tom Bowen, Political Communications & Management Professional, New Chicago Consulting, LLC

Tom Bowen provides us with insight into how political campaigns work– with so much money and media involved, the pressure to be organized, to hire and motivate the right team, and to maintain impeccable fiscal control is daunting. From the PM Point of View, the political campaign manager takes on this high-stakes job where the schedule end date (election night) is fixed, the budget is unpredictable, and the scope validation (a winning candidate after the ballot count) is brutally personal and public.  read more >

Innovation: When 100% is not the Goal

April 27, 2015  |  Time: 18:39  |  Featuring Oliver Schlake, Clinical Professor, Robert H. Smith School of Business and Michael Hannan, Principal Consultant & Founder, Fortezza Consulting, LLC

“Innovation.” A simple word with so many characteristics: Evolutionary versus revolutionary, open versus closed. Innovation reaches far beyond the common concept of new technology or “innovative approaches.” It comes from culture, diverse team design, leadership, encouragement, risk and accountability. The innovative environment can be harnessed, linked to strategic planning, and ultimately, planned for – and PMs play a big role in making innovation real in their organizations.  read more >

From Vine to Wine: The Vintner’s Tale

March 27, 2015  |  Time: 12:58  |  Featuring Stephen Barnard, Wine Maker/Vineyard Manager, Keswick Vineyards

Heraclitus said, “The only constant is change.” Stephen Barnard, Winemaker at Keswick Winery tells us the vintner’s version is “The only consistency is that next year will be different.” Listen in as Stephen reveals the project management point of view of how the grapes are transformed into wine…where all the important parts of the project from schedule to stakeholder tastes are the ones that can’t be controlled.  read more >

The Practical Art of Networking

February 27, 2015  |  Time: 13:43  |  Featuring John Gilroy, BLT Global Ventures LLC, Director of Marketing and Business Development

PMs hear “network” and think (network) diagrams, but “networking” is what needs to ring loudly to them – we must communicate, be ready to learn, have experts to call, and of course, always build stakeholder relationships. Good networking skills are essential. The wider your network, the more effective you are at all levels. In this podcast, John Gilroy, DC networker and social media guru tells us how to do it with five easy steps.  read more >

The Creative Process: Music and Project Management

February 4, 2015  |  Time: 14:36  |  Featuring Duncan Chappell, Past President, PMI UK Chapter; Raji Sivarman, PMI Chapter Member Advisory Group (CMAG); and Chris Wilson, University of Derby, Senior Lead in Learning Enhancement, Department of Learning Enhancement

The United Kingdom of PMI is taking outreach seriously, as Project Management is exposed to the universities there. In this podcast we follow the introduction of PM methods into the University of Derby, School of Art and Design—and discover the unusual cross influences of creativity and PM.  read more >

2014 Points of View

December 30, 2014  |  Time: 17:46  |  Featuring Kendall Lott, M Powered Strategies, PMIWDC Chapter Chair

Diverse voices, common themes, the year in review podcast shares the story of a profession on the cusp of change, as we heard opinions on what it takes to be a good PM, the role of critical thinking, quality, agile approaches and the role of project management in bringing change to our workplaces and our community at large.  read more >

2 Houses Come Together: ASQ and PMI

December 1, 2014  |  Time: 12:06  |  Featuring Marcus Parker, PMI Silver Spring Chapter President

Marcus Parker, President of the Silver Spring Chapter of PMI and board member of the Baltimore chapter of ASQ discusses the relationship of the two approaches to producing business results, and how the institutions can be working together.  read more >

Culture and Scope at an Exhibition: The Newseum

October 20, 2014  |  Time: 16:42  |  Featuring Members of the Newseum Team

An exhibit as a project, an organizational culture that drives the project management style and even the scope of an exhibit, meet the Newseum project approach! The Newseum offers rapid exhibit design, relfecting their organizational culture and news-centric mission. Recorded a few weeks before it’s opening September 26, 2014, “The Boomer List” features an 18-year timespan of the people, events and scents of the Baby Boom Generation. It will be on display through July 5, 2015.  read more >

Corporate Sustainability: Beyond Profitability, Moving To Prosperity

September 22, 2014  |  Time: 13:15  |  Featuring Gregory Balestrero, International Institute for Learning, Inc., Strategic Advisor on Leadership, Corporate Consciousness and Sustainability

A discussion with Gregory Balestrero about key themes of his book, Organizational Survival: Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future, and the implications for Project and Program Managers.  read more >

Managing Stakeholders and Making Dreams Come True

September 8, 2014  |  Time: 12:44  |  Featuring Tara Melvin, President of Perfect Planning and President of the Association of Wedding Professionals

With a tale of chiffon and bouquets wrapped around a core of Project Management, Tara Melvin, President of Perfect Planning and President of the Association of Wedding Professionals, tells about the behind-the-scenes management of stakeholders and expectations.  read more >

Agile: Making It Happen for Uncle Sam

August 14, 2014  |  Time: 13:15  |  Featuring Jim York of FoxHedge, Ltd. and Elizabeth McQueen, Branch Chief of International Trade Data System at Customs of Border Protections

A discussion with Jim York of FoxHedge, Ltd. and Elizabeth McQueen, Branch Chief of International Trade Data System at Customs of Border Protections, on the effectiveness of the agile software development approach at the Customs and Border Protection agency – what it takes to make it work, and what happens when it does!  read more >

Project Management: the Global Advantage

July 28, 2014  |  Time: 12:46  |  Featuring Jordon Sims, Director of Organization Relations and Programs for the Project Management Institute

Jordon Sims, Director of Organization Relations and Programs for the Project Management Institute discusses the value of PM and PM credentials globally, has a wide-ranging discussion of the value of PM in organizations, its impact on government operations, its role in strategy execution, the pedigree of good PMs, and the role of PM in business globally.  read more >

The Transformative Value of Project Management for Non-Profit Organizations

July 7, 2014  |  Time: 13:02  |  Featuring Max Skolnik, DC Director of the Taproot Foundation

Max Skolnik, DC Director for the Taproot Foundation, discusses how Project Management provides a phenomenal set of tools to approach charity work that is part of some new thinking in the non-profit sector, and how PM is ultimately part of changing the narrative on how we approach the challenges of the big social issues.  read more >

The Show Must Go On!

June 25, 2014  |  Time: 13:01  |  Featuring Deborah Vandergrift, Chief Production Manager at the Shakespeare Theatre Company

A discussion with Deborah Vandergrift, Chief Production Officer at the Shakespeare Theatre Company on the role of managing productions as projects in the performing arts...and her own discovery that she was doing what we call "Project Management."  read more >

Pragmatism from the Ivory Tower

May 28, 2014  |  Time: 12:29  |  Featuring John Cable, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Project Management

The dramatic increase in project management degree programs leads us to ask, “what is the academic inquiry telling us about the future project management that we hadn't anticipated?” and Mr. John Cable of the University of Maryland obliges us with answers.  read more >

Experience Matters

May 2, 2014  |  Time: 12:50  |  Featuring Robert Brese, DOE CIO

PMs know how to deliver with the disciplines they have learned, but from an executive’s point of view, what’s missing? The answer may surprise you, from this interview with Mr. Bob Brese, CIO of the Department of Energy.  read more >

Keep It Simple and Communicate

April 22, 2014  |  Time: 12:06  |  Featuring Kimberly Hancher, EEOC CIO

Project Managers want to know where they can use their skills now, and what skills they will need in the future: its all about job security. In this podcast we interview Ms. Kimberly Hancher, CIO of the EEOC, who 3 decades of bringing project management disciplines to federal government agencies to develop and deliver IT projects.  read more >